Şeyda Tomruk
Grand Diplôme Graduate, Chef & Owner

My story goes back about 12 years. After working as an architect for many years, I took on the management of Art Café, a new line of work I have added which I have been running with my brothers. If you do not know the details of a business until its finest detail, you can’t carry it out. That's when I figured out to take this training. As a result of my long researches, I have heard that Le Cordon Bleu, who has validity all over the world, opened a branch in Turkey with the initiatives of Özyeğin University. I applied immediately. It was a great chance for me to have such an opportunity. The school was a place that spread over a wide area, had its own unique smell and attracted people like a magnet. The training team consisted of professional chefs who were very experienced in their field and were ready to share their knowledge. Behind the scenes, there was a huge family working with the service from the management to the service person. I spent two years at this school to qualify for the 'Grand Diplome'. It gave me much more information and experience than I expected. I met many people who were experienced in their field. I shared like many of my friends who have been on this adventure like me, their success. Now I'm aiming to get the most out of this adventure and to come to better places in my profession.