Les Canapes Workshop

In this workshop designed with your special celebrations and exclusive invitations in mind, you will find an opportunity to experience a rich variety of delicious canapés.

You will have chance to experience large varieties of elegant canapes. You and your guests will have a mouthful of reach and well combined flavors on bite size canapes.

  • Content of the course;
  • Smoked chicken wings with honey and lime
  • “Chlorophyll”
  • Fried frog legs
  • Stuffed potato with sour cream and fish eggs
  • Shrimp kadayif
  • Basil and smoked salmon pancake

Under the guidance of our Le Cordon Bleu Chef, you will learn basic knife cuts as well as some classical culinary skills: poaching, deep frying and marinating. You will also learn:

  • Making fritter batter and deep frying methods
  • Making curve potatoes
  • Preparing sour cream
  • Preparation of prawns
  • Making crepe batter