The Chocolate & Confectionery Programme is an extensive course perfect for those wanting to learn a broad range of skills in chocolate by a Le Cordon Bleu Chocolate Expert.

Under the guidance of Le Cordon Bleu Chocolate experts, you will be taken on a tour of the world of cocoa and chocolate. With the expert tutelage, you will go into detail on how chocolate is made, its origins and uses, and how to taste chocolate to identify the complexities of its flavour and texture. You create your own chocolate from cocoa beans, pralines from hazelnuts and almonds. The course covers a variety of modern ganache fillings, soft nougat, hard caramels, and pectin set jellies (pâte de fruits). Discover how to spray cocoa butter colours and the art of laminated fillings.

This is a 10-day, 60-hour programme designed to teach you the secrets, recipes, and techniques of chocolate under the guidance of Le Cordon Bleu Instructor Chefs. The Chocolate and Confectionery Programme consists of 2 weeks.

Content of the programme

  • From bean – 2 – chocolate
  • Chocolate theory
  • Learn how to taste chocolate
  • Make your own “From Bean – 2 – Chocolate”
  • Make your own hazelnut, almond, pistachio pastes, pralines
  • Methods of pre-crystallization and Tempering chocolate by hand
  • Hand-Moulded and Hand-Dipped chocolate bonbons
  • Cut pralines & piped fillings
  • Ganache & Truffle fillings
  • Spraying with coloured cocoa butter; using texture & transfer sheets
  • Methods to extend Shelf Life & reduce Water Activity
  • Nougat, caramels, and pectin set jellies
  • Caramelized bonbons
  • Spreads & Jams

During this lesson, you will learn to flavour and perfect cream and water-based ganaches. You will then be led through creating hand rolled truffles, enrobing the truffles with tempered chocolate and decorating techniques.

You will take home a selection of your creations to enjoy with your family and friends.

Chocolate & Confectionery Programme (10 Days / 60 hours)

Programme Date:  New term dates will be announced.
Tuition for International Students​: $ 4.000

Pre-registration Payment: $ 500


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