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Long term professional cuisine and professional pastry courses are held on weekdays. Professional cuisine courses 3 days a week, professional pastry courses are given 2 days a week.

You can find information about our chefs from this link .

It is mandatory to start at the basic level in our training programs, and only those who have basic and intermediate certificates can continue to the superior level certification program.

“Diplôme de Cuisine” or “Diplôme de Pàttisserie” are awarded to those who have obtained the basic, intermediate and superior cuisine or pastry certification. Our students who have successfully completed both disciplines are entitled the “Grand Diplôme” which is highly respected in the world of gastronomy.

Long term professional cuisine and pastry courses are modullar. If you make your payments separately, you can continue for any period. However, if you are registered as “Diplôme de Cuisine” or “Diplôme de Patisserie”, you should continue to study in the following periods.

Payments must be completed 6 weeks in advance of our long-term cuisine and pastry programs.

Vakıf Bank, Finans Bank, HSBC Advantage credit cards, Yapı Kredi Bank World and Bonus Cards have 2 installments. In addition, Fiba Bank Özyeğin University Branch offers credit for 12 months or 24 months with Blue Ribbon Credit.

Of course, you have the opportunity to continue wherever you want if they have class availability in your destination country. You also have the chance to get a certificate from another country and continue in Turkey in the same way.

The language of education is English. In demo classes, a translator is translating from English to Turkish. We do not have any exam requirements for English proficiency.

We do have dormitories on our campus.  It is expected that all of your payment is made in order to finalize your reservation together with the availability of dormitory.

The internship is only available for Turkish citizens with a Diplôme de Cuisine or Diplôme de Patisserie grade 85 and above. Apart from this, no internship is guaranteed.

The documents required for the application can be found at this link.

Our long-term Professional Cuisine and Professional Pastry courses last 11 weeks and the total duration of the three levels is 33 weeks and approximately 9 months.

Students who are absent 5 times in professional cuisine classes and 4 times in professional pastry classes lose the right to obtain a certificate. Students who do not attend the demo course will not be accepted to the practical course associated with that course and will be absent twice.