BM Gıda ve Tarım Örgütü Roughly one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted. Every year, consumers in rich countries waste almost as much food (222 million tonnes) as the entire net food production of sub-Saharan Africa (230 million tonnes). For this reason, we identified the subject of  3rd Gastronomy Trends event held at the French Palace on January 15, 2019 as No Waste Cuisine and Sustainability. Our Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs interpreted Zero Waste Cuisine Recipes.

Le Cordon Bleu Chefs and Alumni Discuss Food Sustainability and No-Waste Kitchen in 3rd “Gastronomy Trends Event 2019
Organized by the collaboration of World’s leading culinary art institute Le Cordon Bleu and Özyeğin University, the 3rd ‘‘Gastronomy Trends Event 2019’’ took place on Tuesday, 15th of January within the magical atmosphere of the French Palace. The event brought together the renowned alumni Chefs, Chef Instructors of Le Cordon Bleu and opinion leaders focusing on ‘‘No Waste Cuisine’’.

The opening speech of the event was given by Consul General of France, Bertrand Buchwalter and Le Cordon Bleu İstanbul’s Director Defne Ertan Tüysüzoğlu. In his speech, Mr. Buchwalter mentioned France’s politics regarding waste and emphasized the parallelism of the importance given to food and the time spent on dinner tables both in France and Turkey. 

Ms. Ertan Tüysüzoğlu indicated that there has been a growing awareness of gastronomy and gastronomy tourism has been more and more considered as an important economic resource lately. She also stated that sustainability is essential in the economy which is only possible to maintain with a holistic approach including all stakeholders from chefs to producers, operators to travel agencies, along with the support of the state, non-governmental organizations and universities. Ms. Ertan Tüysüzoğlu concluded her speech by stating; ‘‘We wanted to analyze these matters in depth and discuss what measures to be taken especially in the food and beverage sector with Le Cordon Bleu Instructor Chefs, alumni, and opinion leaders by contextualizing the 3rd Gastronomy Trends Event within ‘‘No Waste and Sustainability’’ framework. 

At the event focusing on adopting new ideas, Le Cordon Bleu Technical Director Chef Erich Ruppen stated ‘‘To prepare an excellent dish is an important task, but a good chef is also measured by how he uses and utilizes the products; designing a smart menu is a must in successful restaurant management. Every part of the animals and vegetables must be used by creating an added value and this is the contribution of successful Chefs to restaurants. Thus, our training at Le Cordon Bleu aims to increase awareness of our students on these matters for the sake of both a sustainable World and a sustainable economy.  

Le Cordon Bleu Alumni; Executive Chef of Yaz Restaurant London, Umut Karakuş, Founding Partner of Markus Prime Ribs Society, Emirhan Paralı, Instructor Chef and the author of the cookbook ‘‘Bakır Tencere’’ Semen Öner, Permaculture designer and producer of the television programs ‘‘Şerife ile Yaşam’’ Şerife Aksoy, Nicole Restaurant’s Executive Chef, Aykut Doğanok and managing catering services in more than 10 countries, Israeli Chef Omri Magal evaluated the trends and tendency of the sector. 

Executive Chef of The Marmara Collection Taksim and Esma Sultan Mansion, Tolga Özkaya concluded his speech by stating ‘‘Along with technological improvements in the kitchen, training of employees and increase of awareness, progress on the utilization of resources is eventuating.’’

Special No-Waste recipes prepared for the event were tasty and very much liked.

At the Panel held for the first time, with the moderation of Hürriyet Newspaper columnist Müge Akgün, WWF General Manager Aslı Pasinli, founder of İnce Kiler Nazlı Pişkin, Swissotel Executive Chef Ali Ronay, Author, Editor and Consultant Cemre Narin and General Coordinator of Ek Biç Ye İç Aycan Tüylüoğlu shared their ideas and experiences regarding ‘‘No-Waste Kitchen’’. WWF General Manager shared remarkable numbers on damages of plastic consumption and concluded her speech by stating “Food waste based on garniture consumption is 13 trucks per day. By creating optional garnitures in restaurants, replacing re-usable glass material instead of cling film and avoiding the use of single-use packages it is possible to decrease the amount of waste to zero. It is all at our fingertips and all we have to do is to decide.’’   

This traditional and inspiring meeting lead by Le Cordon Bleu will continue steering the sector in the coming years.

No Waste Cuisine Recipes | Arancini

Technical Director Chef Erich Ruppen

Meet Our Chefs

200 g Risotto (left from the day before) 
100 g Mozzarella Cheese
100 g Marinara Sauce 
50 g Fresh Bread Crumbs
3 Eggs
50 g Flour

•Place leftover rice in the palm of one hand with a spoon and add 1-2 cubes mozzarella cheese to the center.
•Shape the rice into a ball.
•Whisk the eggs.
•Coat the balls with flour and eggs respectively. 
Roll into the bread crumbs until evenly coated.
•Fry in deep oil, either in fryer or pan, until golden brown about 3 minutes.
•Crispy on the outside, soft and tasty inside, Arancini’s are ready, serve with hot marinara sauce.

No Waste Cuisine Recipes | Chocolate Coated Cake Pops

Instructor Chef Andreas Erni

Meet Our Chefs

250 g cut off Sponge Cake Leftovers
150 g Candied Orange Peel, diced 
50 g Sugar Syrup
Juice of 1 Orange, reduced
5 ml Cointreau (orange liqueur) optional

Chocolate Coating
100 g Dark Couverture
20 g Cream
50 g Chopped Almonds

•Crumble sponge cake cut-offs into a bowl.
•Add the diced candied orange peel and reduced orange juice as much as needed to form a firm dough.
•Shape with your hand or with an ice cream scooper into balls of 2-3 cm diameter. 
•Stick onto the skewers and place in the chiller to set. 
•Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie and add the warm cream. 
•Dip the sponge balls into the chocolate and sprinkle with chopped almonds.
•You may serve with raspberry sauce if desired.

No Waste Cuisine Recipies | Pain Perdu French Toast, Vanilla Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce

Instructor Chef Arnaud Declercq

Meet Our Chefs

4 pieces of Stale Brioche (or sourdough bread)
(Crust cut off and sliced in 2cm thickness) 
400 ml Pastry Cream
75 ml Vegetable Oil
15 g Butter 
50 g Sugar
200 ml Milk
2 Eggs
Vanilla Ice Cream
Caramel Sauce

•Cut off the crust of the brioche slices and make incisions with a margin on the sides.
•Fill in with pastry cream.  
•Mix the milk, sugar, and egg. 
Soak the stuffed brioche in the mixture and pan-fry with oil over medium heat.
•To enrich the flavour, add butter and keep frying until golden brown. 
•Serve with a quenelle of vanilla ice cream and drizzle caramel sauce on top.

No Waste Cuisine Recipes | Crevette Bisque

Instructor Chef Alican Saygı

Meet Our Chefs

500 g Prawn head and shells
50 ml Oil
200 g Mirepoix (100 g onion, 50 g celery, 50 g carrot)
50 g Tomato Paste
100 ml White Wine
100 ml Brandy
1 clove garlic
Bouquet garni
50 g Rice, wrapped in muslin
100 g Tomato
1 stick Tarragon
Pinch of salt
750 ml Fish Stock
750 ml Chicken Stock
200 ml Cream

•Stir-fry the heads and shells in olive oil.
•Add the mirepoix and let it sweat gently.
•Add the tomato paste and ‘flamber’ with the brandy.
• Deglaze with white wine.
•Add the fish and chicken stock and bouquet garniture.
•Simmer for 15 minutes, skimming the foam.
•Add the rice wrapped in the muslin cloth. Let it simmer for another 15 minutes. 
•Strain and mash the heads and shells and blend it with the rice. 
•Transfer to pot, add the cream and boil. 
•Season to taste and serve with the chopped chives sprinkled on top.

No Waste Cuisine Recipes | Kashkarikas

Instructor Chef Paul Métay

Meet Our Chefs

1 kg Zucchini
50 ml Olive Oil
200 g Onion, finely diced
10 g Garlic, finely diced
100 g Onion, sliced
150 g Fresh Tomato
50 g Tomato Paste
250 ml Water
20 g Sugar
Salt & Pepper to taste
5 g Fresh Dill, chopped

200 g Greek Yoghurt
50 g Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 pc Lemon Wedges

•Blanch and peel the tomatoes. Grate half of the tomatoes and deseed the other half and cut in julienne.
•Wash, clean and dry zucchini. Scratch the peel with a fork and cut in diamonds, about 3cm. 
•Heat olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. 
Add chopped onion and garlic. Stew without giving colour.
•Stir in the sliced onions and cook until softened. 
•Stir in the tomato paste, stew for a minute.
•Add zucchini and grated tomatoes.
•Season with sugar, salt, and pepper. Bring to a boil over high heat. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally for 15- 20 minutes. 
•Let cool to room temperature.
•Mix in half of the chopped dill.
•Arrange on serving dishes.
•Top with some yoghurt and sprinkle the remaining dill.
•Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and serve with lemon wedges.