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Le Cordon Bleu Istanbul students are trained and taught by the internationally acclaimed Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs who have worked in top-level positions in the world's best cuisines and Michelin-starred restaurants with comprehensive programs of practice sessions, demonstrations, and theoretic courses, and benefit from the vast knowledge of these chefs.

The language of instruction of the programs, which has International Instructor Chefs in its staff, is English. At the end of these trainings realized with simultaneous interpreters; both in English and French terminology of the world of gastronomy, they now have the material and technical knowledge to write their own recipes.

Cuisine Chefs

Erich Ruppen

Technical Director Instructor Chef

Erich Ruppen, born in Switzerland, has started his culinary career at the age of 17...

Luca De Astis

Instructor Chef

Italian Chef Luca De Astis received the Kitchen Management diploma in 1995 and Hotel...

Andreas Erni

Instructor Chef

Chef Andreas Erni has started his professional career with an apprenticeship in...

Pastry Chefs

Marc Pauquet

Instructor Chef / Pastry Department Head

He was born in Eupen, Belgium to a family coming out from the gastronomy. Already as...

Paul Métay

Instructor Chef

Native from Tours in the garden of France, Chef Paul was inspired at the age of...