Eren Ölmezer
Diplôme de Pâtisserie Graduate, Alaçatı İmren, Chef & Owner

Everything started at the age of 7 by sweeping floors… At that age, my effort to take responsibilities and make a contribution was just a game for me.

I felt this profession’s rush through my veins when I started selling “simit”, “boyoz” in Alaçatı farmer’s market. I could make a "pate choux" from scratch when I was 13, the more I started to succeed, the more I started to wonder, and I was content about being excited to produce different things.

In pastry profession, which is a legacy from my grandfather, we grow up with the principle: “Never serve what you won’t eat”, that’s how we always managed to bring over 100 traditional recipes left from our elders to this date. This is such a profession that you either make the best of it or never get involved with it at all.

The greatest reason why I chose Le Cordon Bleu İstanbul was when I asked Le Cordon Bleu Instructor Chef Cristophe “What do you teach here?”, he replied “I will make you watch a cake rise without any additives.” and so he did.

That was the most professional thing I’ve ever heard in my life. He convinced me that, when traditional recipes and techniques are applied with proper discipline, it would result in great flavours when combined with modern pastry.

I am honoured to apply the techniques I learn every day to our menu at Alacatı İmren, which is our family business since 1941. I am grateful to all the Le Cordon Bleu İstanbul crew and my chefs for replying all of my questions thoroughly during my entire education.