Marilen Braggiotti
Diplôme de Patisserie Graduate Marilen, Patisserie Chef

After studying Pâtisserie at "Le Cordon Bleu" I developed myself in French Pastry, Artisanal Bread and Chocolate by attending many "Master Classes", both domestic and abroad. I started a solid foundation of success at Le Cordon Bleu. Education; work discipline, kitchen rules, technical, vision and values that are very important in this sector were added to me. We had a very pleasant and special training with valued chefs. As soon as I returned to my hometown of Izmir, from March 2016, I turned my kitchen into a professional workshop. I started to introduce the sweet and savoury flavors of the French Pastry, which I am passionate about, and the Levantine Cuisine of my own origin to the people of İzmir.